Wednesday, June 25, 2008

La La Land is where it's at...

I'm feeling so ridiculously over the moon happy, there's nothing bad in my life at all at the moment (except, the traumatic event that happened...but it's over now, and I'm okay), everything just seems super positive...and I've not reached the point where I'm feeling too over-whelmed from the happiness, so it's still the good type of happy...if that makes any sense...mmm, life overwhelms me a lot when it's too good, I just don't seem to know what's going on, things just pass in a blur and I remain in a sort of bewildered state...which I'm not so fond of, I like to be properly aware of what's happening, like now.

But, you know, I’m far too independent for my own good, but I like it this way…don’t count on people, and they can’t let you down…that’s how it works in La La Land…we wear pretty cocktail dresses with heels and pearls, and leave a trail of glitter behind us as we dance around a cute chateau with the fairies…it’s my heaven, you’re invited, but you have to be special and meet the criteria, Stephanie and Carly are always welcome, because we’re sort of a trio, we just fit like pieces of a puzzle...people don’t understand us, but we understand each other, so it’s okay.

Ugh, and there was a spider in my shoe this morning...I completely freaked out, me and le bugs do not get along...someone once told me that spiders crawl into your ears when you're asleep and lay eggs in your brain, and then the eggs hatch and spiders eat you from the inside out, ew..gross.
Is it any wonder that i have an irrational fear of anything insect-y?

I'm working out my life plan, I know where I'm going, I know who I'm going to be...or who I already am, and it's far from perfect, but it's good enough for me...this is an exciting time in my life, I'm growing up but still managing to keep that balanced with being fabulous, mon dieu!

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