Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If you're not lost, I guess that means you're found...

Mon dieu, it seems like aaggggeeess since I last posted something.

So today was incredibly boring...I woke up at the excruciatingly earlt hour of 8A.M., because I left my blinds open once again...I don't like closing them, it makes my room look too dark, plus, I like when the sun wakes me anyways, I went back to sleep until noon and was finally able to drag myself out of bed.

I'm trying this new diet thing, where you're not supposed to eat any sort of substantial food for two's not working very well, I ate so much today, but I'll just workout a lot tomorrow and not eat tomorrow...not very smart, but I've got to be bikini ready for Saturday, but I know I won't be, but it doesn't hurt to try, right? Well, I'm super excited about going to Destin with Stephanie this weekend, and a whole bunch of other Lebanese people who I won't understand, but atleast I can lay out on the beach and swim in the ocean with my long mermaid hair and my pretty mermaid nails, la la la...

Bleugh, my legs are causing me too much pain at the moment...a couple nights ago, I hoola-hooped around the entire house and pop, lock, and dropped it for a good two hours.
Why did I do that?

So let me get back to telling you about my unbearably boring day, because I know you're just dying to read about it.
So after I woke up, I danced around to Blondie for a good ten minutes, went to Whole Foods, and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day, until I went to Barnes and Noble with Stephanie, Malayne, and Jessie...we had fun there, it brought back some memories...pretty cool chicks, they are.

So the boredom has now set in.
I like to think that I’m doing my bit to save the, instead of doing something productive, I’m sitting here, writing this blog...and before this, I painted my nails, dressed up in an old Halloween costume – the Pocahontas one from the Disney store that I randomly have and attempted to curl my hair, which didn’t quite work but I like the end result anyway...I also experimented with some new makeup, and ended up resembling an Egyptian, I’m currently looked completely over made-up – and why have I gone to all this trouble when the only date I have tonight is with Breakfast at Tiffanys? Because I am BORED....BORED, BORED, BORED...thank goodness I'll be busy tomorrow.

Oh, and I'm quite stoked about having a photoshoot with Malayne and Jessie, and whoever else wants to come...I GET TO BE THE PHOTOGRAPHER! Time for cuteness!

Tell me how your day's been.

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