Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Don't worry, I'm still alive!

Blahhhh, so far this is probably the most hectic week of my life...and it's only Wednesday, I still have to endure Thursday and Friday until the glorious weekend, which better be just as hectic, but more of a crazy amount of fun, a whirlwind of fun.

I never realized how many things you miss because of being home sick for two days...I've missed a test, three quizzes, and a killer amount of work such as papers, notes, studyguides, etc...I'm so tired of school, much drama...I've officially decided that I'm going to drop out of school and move to Boston...although I'm not sure I can deal with the cold...I need to move somewhere sunny...I guess it's actually good that I've reconsidered my move to Boston in a matter of seconds, I mean, I'm sure Stephanie can't spell Massachusetts, which means she wouldn't be able to send me mail...I'm also sure she didn't even know that Boston was in Massachusetts.

I was looking through some old papers the other day and discovered all of these old letters from Carly, all on super cute stationary...we used to be pen pal-ish sort of was amazing...I think I'm going to revive that soon...I really do love writing letters, just ask Malayne.
So zee mother finally discovered the art I painted on my walls and took it much better than I would have fact, she said I could paint whatever my little heart desired all over my walls, so that's definitely in my plans for this weekend.

I'm busy, busy, busy!


I'm Lexi.